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My child received a citation, what happens next?  The officer that issues the citation should write on it that you will be contacted by the Juvenile Department.  It sometimes takes a while for the citation to reach the DYS, once it is received a letter will be sent out with a time and date for an intake appointment. My kid is out of control? Can you put my them in detention? If your child is not currently on probation, there is not a lot that DYS can do.  We cannot place a youth in detention at a parents request.  Only if a youth has been arrested for a crime and they are a danger to themselves or others.  You can call us and we can help set up family support through Building Healthy Families. My child has run away?  What are my options?  You need to call law enforcement and report your child as a run away.  Running away is not a crime, so when your child is located they will continue to be your responsibility and a parent/guardian will need to arrange for transportation.  DYS will help assist in finding your child but if they are not on probation, or have not committed any crimes, DYS has no legal jurisdiction. I cannot get my child to go to school, what do I do?  It is not the DYS responsibility to make youth go to school, it is the responsibility of the parents or guardians.  If the youth is on probation, they are ordered as part of their probation to attend school and pass all classes, if they do not follow these orders, they can be sanctioned. My child received a citation in Wallowa County, but we do not live in Wallowa County, what happens next?  The DYS will send the citation and police report to the county that the youth lives in.  If the youth is admitting to the charges of the citation, the probation will be handled through that county.  If the youth is denying the charges of the citation, the citation will be sent back to Wallowa County and the youth and parents will have to appear in the Wallowa County Circuit Court in order to fight the charges.