Community Vitality Summit 2013

On April 30, 2013, the Wallowa County Commissioners convened representatives from a variety of local organizations to share what they do, why it matters and how it affects residents of the County. This first annual Wallowa County Vitality Summit was organized to provide an opportunity to explore ways to work together to be more effective, fill gaps, and discover common ground to help improve Wallowa County’s vitality. Because there are so many organizations working to improve Wallowa County ’s vitality (economic, environmental/natural, and social systems) not every organization was able to report at this first annual event. As a follow-up, later this year, the Commissioners and the planning team are planning to host informal quarterly networking events by topic area to encourage greater communication and sharing among all the County’s organizations.

Each of the 20 organizations which presented at the 2013 Wallowa County Vitality Summit were asked to complete a questionnaire about their organization and their work in Wallowa County . The responses of the 20 organizations are included here.

2013 Vitality Summit Presenters

City of Enterprise
Community Connections
Building Healthy Families
Center for Wellness
City of Joseph
Education Service District
Safe Harbors
Northeast Oregon Economic Development Department
Natural Resource Advisory Committee
County Sheriff
Wallowa Resources
Soil & Water Conservation District
County Chamber
Wallowa County Business Facilitation
Wallowa Land Trust
Wallowa County Health Care District
Wallowa Resources Community Solutions, Inc

For more information please contact the Wallowa County Chamber at 541-426-4622 or