Invitation to Bid 

East Moraine County Forest 

Stand 13A Commercial Thinning 

57 Acres 

The commercial thinning harvest consists of contractor selection of leave trees according to the prescription described in Exhibit A (attached); harvesting trees chosen by the contractor for saw log and pulp production, and hauling saw log material to either Idaho Forest Group in Lewiston, ID, or Boise Cascade in Elgin, OR, depending on the highest price, and approved by Wallowa County. Logging is to be “whole tree”, with processing at the landing. Landing slash is to be piled prior to termination of the contract. 

The project location is at the midsection of the East Moraine Community Forest adjacent to Wallowa Lake, and south of the City of Joseph in Wallowa County, Oregon. 

 Bids will be accepted until July 14 at 4 p.m. Call or text Katy Nesbitt at 541-263-0126 for the combination to the gate at the end of Turner Lane. It is recommended to use an ATV to look at the project, but pickup access is acceptable. Call or text Larry Nall at 541-398-1822 with questions or directions. 

Send an email, with the bid as an attachment, to Katy Nesbitt at or deliver to the reception desk at the Wallowa County Courthouse, third floor. No attached bid documents will be opened until the date of bid closure. 


To bid, you must download and submit the Invitation to Bid. The appropriate form to bid and Exhibit A and B are available via below links.