Double Creek Fire Map (PDF)

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The Double Creek fire is in Hells Canyon National Recreation Area detected 8/30/2022. It is located along the Hat Point Road near Grizzly Ridge. Lightning storms came through the area on August 22 and 23 creating the the Nebo fire that is located 21 Miles SE of Enterprise, OR. Near Mount Nebo. The fire is in the upper Lick Creek drainage and is burning in sub-alpine fir and grass. The Sturgill fire is located in the North Minam Drainage burning in mixed conifer. The Lostine Pole and Goat Mountain 2 fire are located in the Lostine Canyon area.

September 21, 2022 
Daily Update – 8:00 AM 

Public Meeting – Friday, September 23rd at 6:00 PM at Joseph Community Event Center and streamed via Facebook Live 

Highlights: Today will bring a change in weather as the warmer temperatures and lower humidity from previous days transition to rain and possible thunderstorms this evening. Current estimates range from one-tenth of an inch to over half an inch of rain through Thursday. Winds will increase throughout the day with the potential for strong gusts as the low-pressure system settles in. Friday will bring a return to clear skies, warmer temperatures, and lower humidity. 

Double Creek Fire: 157,296 acres | 47% contained |587 personnel assigned  

The fire grew twenty-nine acres in the last twenty-four hours. Reconnaissance and infrared flights showed that the northern edge of the fire is still burning in heavy fuels and large logs and will continue to be monitored. Crews are continuing to construct fireline along the southern edge of the fire. Firefighting equipment and gear along the Snake River has been removed. Much of that equipment will be refurbished and tested so that it can be used to combat future wildfires.  

Eagle Cap Wilderness Fires  

The Nebo, Sturgill, and Goat Mountain 2 Fires were lightning-caused and are being managed to protect public and private infrastructure while playing a natural role within designated Wilderness. Progress on managed fires is expressed through the accomplishment of ecological and fuel reduction objectives as opposed to progress on full suppression fires, which is expressed through containment. 

Nebo Fire: 12,599 acres | 50% of management objectives achieved |64 personnel assigned 

The fire grew six acres in the last twenty-four hours. Chipping along Forest Service Road 3920-100 is complete, equipment has been moved to FSR 3920-50 to continue chipping trees, slash, and brush. These treatments will provide near- and long-term fuel breaks, allow indirect suppression operations, and serve as an integral part of the forest’s fire containment network. Crews are transitioning to fire suppression repair as fire activity remains low. 

Sturgill Fire: 20,158 acres | 53% of management objectives achieved | 46 personnel assigned 

The fire grew twenty-nine acres in the last twenty-four hours. Crews are focused on fire suppression repair. This involves log trucks hauling trees cut to create the shaded fuel break, excavators and masticators chipping brush and debris, and the removal of pumps, hoses, and other equipment used during fire suppression. Additionally, containment lines are being rehabilitated through the addition of native material and the installation of water bars. Firefighters will continue to mop up smoldering logs and monitor the area to ensure that the fire remains in check. 

Goat Mountain 2 Fire: 536 acres | 0 personnel assigned 

The Goat Mountain 2 Fire exhibited zero growth in the last twenty-four hours. Aircraft will continue to monitor the fire as smoke and weather permit. 

Weather: Clear skies and warmer temperatures will transition to cooler weather and rain in the afternoon or evening. Highs are expected to reach the eighties in the lower areas and the high sixties to low seventies higher up. Temperatures will drop as rain and thunderstorms move in from the west.  

Wallowa-Whitman National Forest Temporary Area Closures:  The Wallowa-Whitman National Forest issued Temporary Area Closures for the Double Creek FireNebo Fire, and Sturgill and Goat Mountain 2 Fires. Closure Orders and Maps are available on the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest Fire Incident Updates page. 

 Road Closures: Lostine River Road at the Forest Service boundary is closed. Highway 350 going to the town of Imnaha is open. Lower Imnaha Road and Dug Bar Road are closed, Upper Imnaha Road is closed, Hat Point Road is closed, and FS 39 Road is closed from Target Springs Junction to Ollokot Campground [including the Canal Rd (3920) and Lick Creek Road (3925)].  

Restrictions: Fire Restrictions are in place for all National Forest System Lands within the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest. All fires are prohibited except when fueled by liquid petroleum, charcoal contained in a firepan, or contained in a woodstove with a chimney and spark arresting screen. All fires need to be attended at all times, fully extinguished when not attended, and located in an area free of vegetation within three feet of the fire.  

Airspace: A Temporary Flight Restriction is in place for the Double Creek Fire to provide a safe environment for firefighting aircraft operations over the fire. Be aware that flight restrictions also apply to drones. Drones flying in areas of wildfire activity will cause firefighting aircraft to be grounded.