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The Double Creek fire is in Hells Canyon National Recreation Area detected 8/30/2022. It is located along the Hat Point Road near Grizzly Ridge. Lightning storms came through the area on August 22 and 23 creating the the Nebo fire that is located 21 Miles SE of Enterprise, OR. Near Mount Nebo. The fire is in the upper Lick Creek drainage and is burning in sub-alpine fir and grass. The Sturgill fire is located in the North Minam Drainage burning in mixed conifer. The Lostine Pole and Goat Mountain 2 fire are located in the Lostine Canyon area.

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September 7, 2022

Daily Update – 8:00 AM

Community Meeting: There will be a community meeting to discuss the Double Creek, Sturgill, Nebo, and Goat Mountain 2 Fires on Thursday, September 8, at 6 p.m. The meeting will be held at the Joseph Event Center (102 E First, Joseph, OR) and will also be streamed live on Facebook.
Highlights: Higher temperatures, steady winds, and very low relative humidity created critical fire weather conditions yesterday. There was active fire growth on all fires. Critical weather conditions will continue through today, and we anticipate another day of active fire growth. Firefighters are actively protecting structures and values immediately threatened by fire and continue to prepare structure that could be threatened as the fire continue to spread.
Double Creek Fire: 59,510 acres | 0% contained | 519 personnel assigned
The lightning-caused Double Creek Fire is a full suppression fire, and the protection of lives and property remain the primary objectives of this incident. On the southern end of the fire along Freezeout Rd crews protected structures utilizing Infrared Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) throughout the evening to fire out and remove flammable fuels around those structures. Oregon State Fire Marshal (OSFM) resources continue to prepare structures for protection along Imnaha Road and support firing operations. Dozer line east of Imnaha Road from Freezeout Road to Imnaha have been secured allowing resources to be shifted to assist suppression activities to the south and north. Today, firefighters will continue to burnout and secure around structures on the south side of the fire keeping the fire east of Imnaha Road. Firefighters will also be conducting firing operations northward to secure the community of Imnaha. Crews continue to scout for locations to construct line to halt the spread to the north and northwest. The east side of the fire is holding at the rim of Hells Canyon.
Weather: A Red Flag Warning continues to be in effect until 8:00 p.m. A cold front is expected to pass over the fire area midday today causing the wind direction to switch to a west-northwest wind. There will be a chance for showers and thunderstorms after the font passes which will produce little rain along and erratic, gusty winds; potentially more than 50 mph. These critical fire weather conditions have the potential to produce rapid fire growth and extreme fire behavior.

Smoke: Current air quality information for the local area is available on the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality – Air Quality Monitoring website and PurpleAir website.

Evacuations: A Level 3 “Go Now” is in effect for the Town of Imnaha north to Fence Creek (including lands east to Lightning Creek) and south to Grouse Creek.

A Level 2 “Get Set”
is in effect for Lostine River Road from Fir Road to Two Pan (including all campgrounds and trailheads), Upper Imnaha from Grouse Creek to Pallette Ranch, and areas around Dug Bar Road north of Fence Creek.
A Level 1 “Be Ready” is in effect for Lostine River Road from Highway 82 to Fir Road and for Upper Imnaha Road from Pallette Ranch to Wallowa Mountain Road (FSR 39).

Closures: The Wallowa Whitman National Forest issued Temporary Area Closures for the Double Creek Fire, Nebo Fire, and Sturgill Fire (includes Goat Mountain 2 Fire) on Monday. Closure Orders and Maps are available on the Wallowa Whitman National Forest Fire Incident Updates page. The Wallowa County Sheriff’s Office has closed several roads associated with evacuations orders. Lostine River Road from Moffitt’s south is closed. Lower Imnaha and Dug Bar Roads are closed. The Upper Imnaha Road and Hat Point Road are closed. Wallowa Mountain Loop Road (FSR 39) is closed from Target Springs Junction to Ollokot Campground including the Canal Road (FSR 3920), and Lick Creek Rd (FSR 3925).

Airspace: Airspace restrictions have been issued for the Double Creek, Nebo, Sturgill, and Goat Mountain 2 Fires. New Temporary Flight Restrictions were issued for the Double Creek Fire(TFR 2/2527) and the Sturgill Fire(TFR 2/304) to provide a safe environment for firefighting aircraft operations over the fires. Notice to Air Missions (NOTAM) 08/234 and NOTAM 08/235 were issued to provide safe airspace for the Nebo, Sturgill, and Goat Mountain 2 Fires. Flight restrictions also apply to drones. Drones flying in areas of wildfire activity will cause firefighting aircraft to be grounded.

Restrictions: Forest Order #06-16-00-22-04 covers Phase B Fire Restrictions for all National Forest System Lands within the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest, except for the area within a ¼ mile of the Snake River between Hells Canyon Dam, River Mile 247.5, downstream to the Oregon-Washington border at Snake River Mile 176.0, which is regulated by Forest Order #06-16-04-22-01.

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