The Wallowa County Road Department and everyone at the Wallowa County Government would like to offer a HUGE SHOUTOUT to all of our amazing Wallowa County citizens who helped one another during the latest severe winter storm. We can’t say enough how much we appreciate our local folks who came out with their own equipment to dig out and keep roads clear. These areas include Promise, Swamp Creek, Alder Slope, Lower Alder Slope, and many others. 

Thank you to every citizen who helped their neighbor, friends, family, and elders with clearing driveways and walk ways. 

At this time there are no road closures. Please continue to be extremely cautious and mindful of snow and ice melting and sliding off rooftops. In addition, please DO NOT run over large snowballs on and off the road. Many times these “snowballs” contain rocks that may damage your vehicle and/or endanger others. Thank you for your understanding.